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1. At self introduction, Key said “ I’m maknae Key ! ” then Taemin said ” Since Minho asked me not to say maknae, I didn’t say it “

2. This is a kind of 2min routine but … Minho touched Taemin’s body before flying over Key at Sharlock.

3. When 2min was singing ” Is it because I’m too kind or…

I'm your boy tour 14/09/30 (Shizuoka)
Taemin: I've definitely matured a lot (after a lot of tours)
Key: In what part?
Jonghyun: What, like your back or hands or...?
Taemin: Uh, like my facial expression.
Key: Your facial expression has matured?!
Taemin: Yeah, like my laugh lines (increased).
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tr: keihissi